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Not In Front Of Her

he headgirl bursts into Miss Brown`s study without knocking. She drags in with her, Joanne, who is the naughtiest girl in the school. It seems that she was caught trying to bunk off for the afternoon and has been brought to the headmistress for discipline. Miss Brown however, is more concerned with the headgirls manners, or lack of them, and decides to deal with her first. This is made worse, because she intends to carry out the punishment in front of Joanne.

What follows, is a hard severe corporal punishment session, carried out as only this strict disciplinarian can. If Joanne thought that Miss Brown had forgotten her, she soon finds she is very much mistaken. She too is given the schoolgirl caning she deserves. A great corporal punishment video.


Miss Brown Special

A stunning compilation of some of Miss Brown's finest moments. Featuring exciting extracts from

Winners and Losers
20 Questions
Disgrace to the Uniform
Hard Lines
Telling Tales
Just Another Day (Part 3)
Phoning Home


You Two Again

A superb corporal punishment caning video. Miss Brown has taken over punishment duties from Miss Parker at St. Stripes girlschool, and if the pupils at that strict seat of learning thought that they were going to have an easier time with Miss Brown, then they soon find out, that she is even stricter disciplinarian than her predecessor.

The headgirl and a prefect have been sent to Miss Brown for a detention. She accuses them of cheating in their exams. They deny they cheated, but the redoubtable Miss Brown proves that they did. For this, she gives both girls a hard spanking, and a dose of the paddle. She then tells them that they have been seen bullying some of the younger girls, and not only is she going to punish them severely, but she is going to take away their privileges. When the girls try to deny that they were bullying, Miss Brown threatens to bring in their victims and allow them to observe the strict discipline that she intends to carry out. At this threat, both girls are mortified, and admit to their crimes. Miss Brown is as good as her word when it comes to punishment, and proceeds to apply her hand, the strap, and the headmistress canes the bare bottoms of both the naught girls, which leaves the ex-prefect snivelling and the ex-headgirl sobbing bitterly. A brilliant schoolgirl caning.


A Disgrace to the Uniform

Emma and Claudine were caught shoplifting. They have been reported to Miss Brown who as I'm sure you know is very strict disciplinarian. She is extremely angry with the girls, particularly as they were wearing their school uniform when they were caught. She instructs them to report to her in the detention room where she intends to hand out some corporal punishment.

Emma has been to see Miss Brown before but it's Claudine's first time, and Miss Brown intends to make sure it's a lesson she will never forget with some good hard discipline. She begins by putting Claudine over her knee, and administering a sound spanking, firstly over her knickers, then on her bare bottom. Never having been spanked before, Claudine had no idea how much it would hurt, but when she protests, Miss Brown smacks her even harder and adds a few slaps to the backs of her thighs. At last she allows the now sobbing girl to get up, and instructs Emma to take her place

SShe is not pleased when she discovers that Emma is wearing stockings and suspenders instead of her regulation long white socks. She makes Emma change before putting her over her knees, and giving her the same treatment as she gave Claudine. Both girls who by this time are sobbing, are made to stand in the corner. After a while, Miss Brown decides it's time to progress to more severe discipline. Both girls are made to bend over a desk in turn to receive the strap. This causes them much discomfort, and is made much worse, when they are bent over facing each other and given alternative strokes

Even then their ordeal is not over, as they are both sentenced to a caning of eighteen strokes. This part of their corporal punishment is given whilst first bending over the desk, then touching their toes. The familiar sight of tram lines across both girls bottoms is testament to Miss Brown's determination to teach them the error of their ways. Another superb corporal punishment caning video.


Telling Tales

Michelle is Miss Brown's favorite girl. She never gets into trouble, but is always telling tales, real or imaginary on the other girls, especially on Kelly. Usually she does this to make Kelly run errands for her, or do her homework.

At the beginning we see poor Kelly receiving the last strokes of a severe caning, which she is getting because Michelle told lies to Miss Brown. When Kelly is allowed to leave, Michelle is waiting for her, and she tells Kelly that she must do her homework as she Michelle is going out, and wont have time. She threatens to get her into trouble if she doesn’t cooperate.

The next day Kelly hands the completed homework over, but Michelle isn't satisfied with it, and goes off to tell more lies to Miss Brown, who sends for the unfortunate Kelly and proceeds to discipline her. The spanking that she receives is very hard, as is the strapping that follows it. When Kelly continues to deny her guilt, Miss Brown becomes really incensed, and gives the naughty girl several smacks on the backs of her thighs, which really drive the lesson home.

The strict disciplinarian is furious, and tells the poor girls that the twenty four stroke caning that she received the last time she was punished, obviously didn't teach her a lesson, so this time she is to receive a caning of thirty hard strokes. As the caning commences on Kelly's sore bottom Michelle is watching and gloating, but she doesn't realize that her little game has been uncovered. Miss Brown sends for Michelle, and confronts her with the information that all the things she has said in the past have been a pack of lies. Now it's Michelle's turn to feel the full weight of Miss Brown's anger, and she doesn't intend to spare the wretched girl from a well-deserved dose of corporal punishment.

The spanking that begins the punishment has the pampered girl in tears, and because she is not used to having her bare bottom spanked, she not only protests, but also tries to protect her bottom with her hands. Miss Brown knows how to deal with this kind of behaviour, and gives the naughty girl several smacks on the backs of her thighs, which makes her howl even louder. Miss Brown then orders Michelle to bend over the high stool where she administers a sound and prolonged strapping on her red, sore bottom. All the while that this is happening, Kelly is seen watching and gloating, knowing that Michelle is receiving all that she deserves, but of course her punishment would not be complete without a severe dose of caning from Miss Brown's swishiest cane. For the next ten minutes, all that can be heard is the swish of the cane on a bare bottom, and Michelle's cries, the final twelve strokes are administered, whilst Michelle is bending over and touching her toes. At the end, she promises never to tell tales again. All the caned girls are dismissed when the discipline has finished. Another Red Stripe classic caning movie.


Hard Lines

Miss Brown has found out that Sarah and Chanel have been misbehaving in the changing rooms at another school during a swimming competition. They were seen in the changing rooms, doing what young ladies ought not to be doing.

She confronts the girls, and even though they deny any wrongdoing, being the strict disciplinarian she is, Miss Brown decides to punish them anyway.

Both girls are given a very sound bare bottom spanking, and poor Chanel who protests, is smacked on the backs of her thighs. Miss Brown is really cross with both of the girls, so she bends them over their desks to receive the strap. As the strap continues to descend, their bottoms become more and more red, and their cries become more and more plaintive. Still the strict Miss Brown is not satisfied, she doesn't think the girls are really sorry for their misbehaviour. The girls know that when Miss Brown thinks they deserve more corporal punishment, the only punishment that she thinks is suitable for them, is a good, hard caning, which they dread.

Firstly Chanel is made to bend over the desk where she is given eighteen hard strokes of the cane. During the punishment she protests again, and is awarded extra strokes. Poor Chanel is sobbing bitterly, but Miss Brown is unmoved. With one schoolgirl caned, it's Sarah's turn, who is already in tears even before her caning begins. She knows it's no use arguing, so she bends over to take her punishment as stoically as possible, which in the event, is not very stoically. She too is given a very hard caning, and the stripes on her bottom, attest to Miss Brown's expertise when caning.


Phoning Home

Miss Brown is not pleased, it seems that Paula has been up to her old tricks again. She has been borrowing large amounts of money from a new girl at St. Stripe's. The new girl, whose name is Nina comes from Singapore, and her rich parents have sent her to St. Stripes top get a good English education. The other girls, led by Paula have been borrowing money off her, and leading her into bad ways.

Miss Brown questions Paula about this and, is not satisfied with the explanation. Very quickly we see Paula bent over Miss Browns desk for some discipline, and receiving a hard spanking, on her bare bottom. We then meet Nina who not only is cheeky to Miss Brown, but is found to be wearing blue nail varnish. Not surprisingly, Miss Brown doesn't approve, and proceeds to administer a hand tawsing to Nina. She then instructs the new girl to bend over the desk to receive her corporal punishment. Nina protests, and keeps saying she will phone her parents in Singapore. This really annoys Miss Brown, but for some reason, she postpones Nina's punishment until later.

PPaula is sent for, and we know what happens next. Both girls are bent over Miss Browns desk for a really hard bare bottom spanking. Paula takes her punishment stoically, knowing that to protest, will only result in extra punishment. When Nina is in position, she does protest, which in turn does lead to extra punishment. The strapping that Miss Brown administers to Paula's bottom is very hard, as is the strapping she gives Nina, who keeps threatening to phone home. This just makes Miss Brown even more determined to teach the cheeky girl a lesson with her headmistress cane.

After a short break in the proceedings, Miss Brown produces the cane, which brings howls of protest from both girls, but all to no avail. There is going to be some strict discipline handed out. As with all Miss Brown's canings, this one is both severe, and memorable. Just when Miss Brown thinks that Nina has learned her lesson she again says she is going to phone home. Exasperated, Miss Brown makes her bend over the desk again, and delivers six extra hard strokes one after the other, which takes the poor girls breath away. Strict discipline and schoolgirl caning in this corporal punishment movie.


Peeping Tom

Miss Taylor is working in her study when the school Matron enters and informs her that one of the boys has been misbehaving and she can no longer control him. He has been spying on the girls in their changing room, looking up their skirts and watching through the window of Miss Taylor's study when she is giving the girls bare bottom punishment.

Miss Taylor decides to kill two birds with one stone and punish the boy whilst teaching Matron how to deal with this kind of misbehaviour in future. The boy vehemently protests, saying how humiliating it is for him to be punished in front of Matron, but worse is to come.

Once his trousers have been pulled down, swiftly followed by his underpants, he is treated to a very hard spanking by both Miss Taylor and the Matron, and then sent to stand in the corner. One of the girls he has been spying on arrives for a detention. She is told that she is to be allowed to remain and observe the remainder of the boy's punishment. He is then told to bend over to receive Miss Taylor's heaviest strap.

Miss Taylor and Matron take turns in administering the punishment, and twenty five times the thick strap of leather rains down on his bare and very sore bottoom. All thoughts of remaining stoic, and taking his punishment quietly, disappear and he begins to sob. His reactions become even more pronounced when he is informed that he is to recieve the cane. Miss Taylor administers over twenty five strokes of her longest senior girls/boys cane to the unfortunate boy's, quivering, throbbing, red and striped bottom.


Twenty Questions

Once again we meet the infamous disciplinarian, Miss Brown, and two more of her unfortunate students, who are about to become, caned girls. The young ladies have decided to take the afternoon off, thinking that Miss Brown is not on the school premises. They are enjoying a bottle of wine and a cigarette in the afternoon sunshine, when Miss Brown returns unexpectedly and catches them. They tell her that they have done their revision and they needed a break. Miss Brown has heard it all before, and after testing the girls on the work they should have done, it becomes obvious that they have been lying to her.

The girls know what to expect when Miss Brown is angry, discipline. She tells them to report to her private apartment, where the corporal punishment will take place. After giving both of them a over-the-knee bare bottom spanking, she make them bend over for the strap. By the time she has strapped them both, the tears are beginning to flow. Once the cane is produced the crying becomes more intense, and even though the girls make a half hearted attempt to persuade Miss Brown not to cane them, they know that their fate is sealed. The caning commences, each girl bends over, and receives a full eighteen strokes of the senior girls cane, across their sore, and very red bare bottoms. The caned girls are then dismissed.


Times Are Getting Harder

Prisoners 959682, and 095679, have been found guilty of continuing drug smuggling within prison. After repeated warnings they are sentence to severe corporal punishment. Both must endure fifty strokes with the heavy prison strap, and a fifty stroke caning. The two beautiful but strict warders are sent to carry out the punishment, but first the prisoners must be searched for more elicit drugs. The senior warder, a strict disciplinarian, puts on her surgical rubber gloves whilst the junior warder instructs the first girl to bend over for her cavity examination. This she does with great reluctance, as the senior warder checks her most intimate parts for contraband. Then it becomes the turn of prisoner 095679, who is a beautiful black girl to bend over to be searched. She is most reluctant to comply, and soon we understand why. The search reveals a small package wrapped in cellophane hidden in a very private place. This she is informed will result in extra severe corporal punishment.

The first girl is secured over the punishment bench, for the first part of her sentence to be carried out. It is not the first time she has found herself in this undignified position, so she knows it is pointless to protest about the strict discipline ahead of her. The first warder administers fifteen strokes of the thick leather strap to her bare bottom, then the other warder administers a further fifteen. The warders take it in turns to administer the final twenty strokes one at each side. The beautiful black prisoner is then put over the bench where she too receives a though strapping. Once she is released, the first girl is put back over the bench to receive what must be, one of the most severe caning ever, culminating with six extra strokes, administered very quickly, and very hard. Once released, she makes way for the second girl whose punishment is to be even more severe.

As the canes are brought down across her bottom, the stripes build up. The poor girl protests, but that only makes the warders more determined to give her the full punishment, to which they add the extra strokes that she so richly deserves. A strict discipline and hard caning video.



Sarah comes home from school. She is in a foul mood as she has been spanked by her headmistress. She complains to her older sister, who says that she will confront Miss Brown, who she remembers as a strict disciplinarian from her days at the school. The two sisters burst into Miss Brown's study, full of righteous indignation. Jo, who is now a sophisticated business woman, tells Miss Brown that she had no right to administer corporal punishment, but within a few moments Miss Brown reminds Jo of her time at the school, and soon reduces her to a little girl again.

We see her remembering herself in her school uniform, her schoolgirl caning by Miss Brown, and she quickly finds out that even though she is no longer a schoolgirl she is unable to stand up to Miss Brown, and is still liable to Miss Brown's brand of strict discipline. The stern headmistress is furious that she should be told how to run her school and thinks there is only one way to deal with such behavior, discipline.

Both girls are dealt with by Miss Brown. When ordered to, Jo meekly places herself over Miss Brown knees, and is given a spanking. She then is told to bend over the desk, and receives a dose of the strap, which is followed by a caning. Then Miss Brown turns her attention to Sarah, who she blames for the entire unfortunate episode. She too is treated to Miss Brown's repertoire of ways to punish cheeky, naughty, young ladies, which includes a hard, over-the-knee hand spanking, a strapping, and inevitably a caning. Another classic corporal punishment caning video.


Doing Hard Time

Set in a women's prison, two prisoners are brought before a disciplinary committee headed by a magistrate. The senior prison officer informs the committee that both girls were caught in possession of drugs. When one of the officers attempted to search the girls, they attacked her. Mrs. Hamilton the magistrate is outraged, and sentences both girls to strict discipline in the form of corporal punishment.

One girl is sentenced to thirty strokes with the strap, and caning of thirty strokes. The other girl who was the ringleader, is sentenced to fifty strokes with the strap, and caning of fifty strokes. The chief officer suggest to the committee that the girls might still be in possession of some drugs, and Mrs. Hamilton orders the guards to search them.

Each girl in turn is ordered to bend over whilst the guards put on their rubber gloves. The prisoners skirts are lifted, and their knickers are pulled down. The Head guard, then subject them to a embarrassing search for hidden contraband. When she is satisfied that they have none, Mrs. Hamilton instruct the prison doctor to check that the girls are fit to receive their punishment.

They are made to wait, then ordered to go to the toilet before being brought back in front of the committee, to receive their punishment. The first girl is ordered to bend over the punishment bench where she is restrained. The head officer, then the second officer take up a strap each and proceed to carry out the sentence whilst a prison official counts out the number. This is repeated with the second girl. The first girl is then placed over the punishment bench and restrained again, then her caning begins. Both caned girls are dealt with very severely. A strict discipline and corporal punishment video.


Just Another Day at St. Stripes (part 3)

The last part of this superb corporal punishment, schoolgirl caning video trilogy. Following on from the punishment of Nicole and Emily by Miss Robinson, and Sarah and Samantha by Miss Chambers, we now come to the punishment of Natalie and Susan by the strict disciplinarian, Miss Brown.

They too visited the nightclub, and in addition, Natalie stole a book belonging to one of the other girls. Natalie vehemently denies stealing the book, even though it was discovered in her locker. Miss Brown it seems has already made up her mind to discipline them and administer an exemplary punishment to Natalie but first she decides to deal with Susan. Susan receives a spanking as only Miss Brown can administer, and this makes poor Natalie vary nervous, as she knows the she is going to receive a much more severe punishment. Very soon Susan is bending over the desk to receive the strap, and Miss Brown doesn't hold back, but then she never does. The other girls who are watching this punishment are told by Miss Brown to stand up, and bend over their desks, with their skirts up, and their knickers around their knees.

When Miss Brown picks up the cane, poor Susan begins to tremble, and when she receives the first few strokes of her caning, the tears begin to flow, and who can blame her? In all, the cane swishes down twenty five times on an already sore and red bottom..

A good schoolgirl caning. It's now Natalie's turn to go over Miss Browns knees for the hardest spanking of all, which is quickly followed by an equally severe strapping, but that is nothing in comparison to the caning which Miss Brown administers amid tears and protestations. When Miss Brown is satisfied with the discipline dispenced, and it takes a lot to satisfy Miss Brown, that Natalie has been properly dealt with, Miss Robinson administers some extra punishment of her own. At the conclusion of Natalie's caning, all six girls are instructed to stand in a line bending over, their skirts up, and their knickers around their knees, whilst the three teachers, and the headmaster examine six very sore striped bottoms of the caned girls. An action packed corporal punishment movie.


Winners & Losers

Two pretty, but naughty schoolgirls are sent for by the headmistress because they were caught entering a wet tee shirt competition in the local pub. She tells them they may expect a very severe corporal punishment indeed. She begins by administering a sound over-the-knee spanking to the pretty blonde. She then continues to spank her whilst the unfortunate girl is standing up with her hands on her head.

Miss Taylor comments on the redness of the girls bottom, and decides to make this a contest to see who's bottom is reddest at the end of the corporal punishment session. Grace, the naughty brunette then takes her turn over Miss Taylor's knees to receive her spanking. She too is told to stand up with her hands on her head to receive further punishment from Miss Taylor. The enormity of the girls misbehaviour has made Miss Taylor so cross, that she makes the girls kneel up on a chair to receive the strap. Each girl is given twenty five strokes and their bottoms become redder and redder.

Miss Taylor is not satisfied, and she concludes that in this extreme case, the only appropriate punishment is a good, hard caning. Sobs are heard, and the tears flow, as one after the other, the girls bend over the desk, to receive eighteen, hard, but well deserved strokes of the cane. Having examined the girls bottoms, Miss Taylor concludes that in the end, perhaps Grace's bottom is the reddest, but as she says, when girls visit her study, there are no winners, only losers. A strict discipline caning movie.